Course curriculum

  • 2

    Building a Confident Puppy

    • Building a Confident Puppy

    • Play for Sound Exposure

    • Play for Texture Exposure

    • Play for Environmental Exposure

  • 3

    Building an Attentive Puppy

  • 4

    Building a Respectful Puppy

    • Building a Respectful Puppy

    • Leash Reliability

    • Boundaries

    • Routine

  • 5

    Building a Social Puppy

    • Building a Social Puppy

    • Socialization with Dogs

    • Socialization with People

    • Socialization in Public Places

  • 6

    Building a Compliant Puppy

    • Building a Compliant Puppy

    • Nail Desensitization

    • Brush Desensitization

    • Ears Desensitization

  • 7

    Building a Successful Puppy

    • Building a Successful Puppy

    • Puppy Nipping and Biting

    • Jumping

    • Potty Training

    • Crate Training Barking and Whining

  • 8


    • Conclusion

Changed Our World!

Robyn Novotny

Before reaching out to Method K9 we had two very young kids and two puppies and we were quickly realizing we bit off WAY more than we could chew. Our high energy puppies were becoming more reactive and had more anxiety every day, not to mention they were darting out the front door and running off at every opportunity. Stephanie and her team CHANGED OUR WORLD. They have given our dogs such a strong foundation and given us the tools to continue to build on that as down owners. Our dogs are SO HAPPY now that we are able to communicate more clearly with each other, and TRUST each other. Sending our dogs to train at Method K9 was the best investment we have ever made.

Love Her Philospohy!

Lisa Maria

Love her training philosophy. Great program. Keeping the dogs and us safe is one of her main priorities (as she deals with a lot dogs with issues). That was especially important for us as my puppy is blind and a little too confident and friendly. Would recommend her program to anyone needing good direction with training their dogs. 💜

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