Course curriculum

  • 2

    Prerequisite Disclosure

    • Intermediate Foundation Prerequisite Disclosure Agreement

  • 3


    • 1 Introduction

  • 4

    Proofing Obedience

    • 2 Corrections for Sit Command

    • 3 Corrections for Down Command Part 1

    • 4 Corrections for Down Command Part 2

    • 5 Understanding Mindset

    • 6 Corrections for Heel Command Part 1

    • 7 Corrections for Heel Part 2

    • 8 Corrections for Come Command

  • 5


    • 9 Psychology of Dog Socialization

    • 10 Socialization Exercises for Adult Dogs

  • 6

    Public Training (Low Distraction)

    • 11 Understanding Advocacy and Discipline in Public

    • 12 Slow Motion Walking (Slowing the Dog Down)

    • 13 Follow the Leader (Building Leadership and Trust)

    • 14 Obedience in Public (Building Compliance and Accuracy)

    • 15 Sitting and Watching (Building Calmness)

  • 7

    Public Training (High Distraction)

    • 16 Follow the Leader Part 2

    • 17 Obedience in Public Part 2

    • 18 Sitting and Watching Part 2

  • 8


    • 19 Conclusion

A Game Changer!

Amber Helbling

If you’re looking for a great class I highly recommended Method K9. The trainers are so knowledgeable and give you so many tools for both you and the pups. They answer our questions, demonstrate and give constructive criticism. We are definitely enrolling our pup in the intermediate class to sharpen our skill set. They have changed our lives at home! Being able to apply the information and tools to all 3 dogs have been a game changer.

The Only One We Refer!

Colleen Aldrich

Stephanie is the only one we refer when people are looking for a dog trainer. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about her profession, she is intensely passionate about what she does. She is truly doing what she is called to do!

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