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    Dog History

    • Dog History

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    Dog Psychology and Science

    • Classical Conditioning

    • Operant Conditioning

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    Training Equipment

    • Training Equipment Pros and Cons

    • Prong Collar

    • Other Recomended Training Equipment

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    • Conclusion

Her Progress Was Phenomenal!

Zen Lee

I've bought online training courses from several places and Methodk9 has by far been the best. The basics course is easy to understand step by step instructions for basic obedience with great quality videos. Stephanie does and exception job also giving you foundational theory of why you should teach this way. I did her puppy course and basics course with our foster puppy and her progress was phenomenal. I've also found the leash reactivity course and intermediate courses very helpful for our adult GSD (who I also did the basics course with) though they are less instructional videos and more videos of her teaching an actual class...which is still instructional! These videos are worth it!


Courtney Gregor

I usually don’t find too much value in dog training videos but, the way that Stephanie explains things just makes sense. I recently completed the Leash Reactivity online course and found it FANTASTIC. It laid a great foundation, described the tools necessary, and provided multiple techniques depending on the dog’s issues. I was EXCITED to try these techniques with my dog who has had EXTREME walk issues in the past (to the point of me being completely embarrassed to walk him). We have now started walking regularly and he is doing amazing! I feel like I have tools and tricks for anything we may encounter and - THEY WORK! So grateful for this course. Definitely money well spent and I look forward to enrolling in others!

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